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“When we decided to build our new house, we were looking for builders who were honest, trustworthy, experienced, built quality energy efficient homes, and would help us keep costs under control.  We found all of this and more in Baxter Construction.  We are now settled in to our new home and really enjoy the quality craftsmanship and all of the attention to detail.  Baxter Construction kept track of everything perfectly and communicated rapidly and effectively regarding all aspects of construction.  Their subcontractors were friendly and helpful and clearly had a high regard for Jason and Nick.  The Baxters were always pleasant and willing to answer any question no matter how silly.  They always followed up on requests and helped us come up with solutions to novel situations.  We moved in right on time and kept our budget controlled.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the whole process and would highly recommend Jason and Nick to anyone considering building or remodeling in the area.  Thank you for your excellent service.  We love our new home!”

Ellen and Brian Link

“When conversation turns to building horror stories, we feel left out–we have none. We chose Baxter Construction because we wanted a local contractor who used local resources. Jason worked hard to figure out what we needed and wanted in a house and designed a home we love living in. No detail was overlooked, from the built-in bookshelves to the fireplace mantle to the extra outlet in the master bedroom. Off-hand comments like “We can share the bathroom sink, but not the mirror” or “We need a place to store the board games” were reflected in the building plan. Nick built exactly what we envisioned, taking the plan from paper to frame to drywall to paint. Everyone is stunned when we tell them our house was built on-time and on-budget. The certificate of occupancy was granted the exact day Nick predicted the house would be done, and we paid precisely what we were told it would cost. What we appreciate most, though, is Nick and Jason’s people-skills. They guided us through the home-building process with remarkable patience while still keeping to their timetable. I thought building a house meant choosing paint colors, not faucets and furnaces and cabinetry and closet doors. Jason and Nick answered questions and gave plenty of information and time for well-considered decisions. We love our home and would never consider building another, but if we had to, we’d definitely choose Baxter Construction again.”

Chris and Melissa

“My wife and I were searching for the right builder for almost 2 years. We are so happy we selected Baxter Construction. They were extremely flexible and easy to work with, two attributes you seldom hear from other builders. From the planning stages to the final walk through, we felt very comfortable with discussing anything and everything with Nick and Jason as they did a tremendous job on providing us with honest information down to the minute details. Most importantly, the quality of the job was outstanding. We’ve been living in our new home for several months now and our family/friends are very impressed with the quality of craftsmanship and construction that Baxter Construction and their team did. We have no doubt in our mind that we had the best builder in this area for our new home construction and we will not hesitate to recommend Baxter Construction to any of our friends who are considering building. In fact, we already have!”

Mike and Jana Pownell

“I had an excellent home buying/building experience with Nick. He was up-front with us from the start, responded to all of our change requests, and was just a terrific guy to work with.  The home itself was built with superb craftsmanship.  We gave a detailed punch list after moving in, and we know from personal experience that you can’t beat the customer service Baxter Construction offers!  I would also like to mention that your excellent and swift work finishing our lower level toy room last year has been a pleasure for the whole family, not just our children.  You guys [Baxter Construction] continue to be great about responding to our needs and questions nearly four years after the process.”

Mitch and Kristen

“We have lived in our new home now for six years and want to let you guys know how much we have loved it. This is the nicest home we have ever lived in and we’ve lived in several. We are especially pleased with the solid construction and sincerely appreciate the extra effort you put into using high quality materials such as the windows, wall construction, the drainage around the foundation, method of securing the floor boards to the joists, etc. We could list many more. The appearance of the home is quite attractive but we are especially pleased with the quality of materials which most people don’t see.  The added attention to quality has certainly saved us the homeowner in the long term. Thanks for not cutting corners to make an extra buck! 

When friends and family come to visit, we receive many compliments on our home. Many comment on the custom built-ins and the attention paid to the detailed craftsmanship that is obvious to any observer. We are always happy to let people know who built our home and why we are proud of it. During the construction process, we sincerely valued your professionalism and desire to meet our needs. We were especially impressed with the construction crews who valued our opinion of their work and actually asked how we would like certain things done! I’ve never experienced that before.  It is a good testament to your workmanship that we had several people ask to tour our home to see how it was laid out and constructed. Many wanted those features in their homes.

You guys really helped me out by giving me ideas and suggestions for finishing the basement after we moved in. This was invaluable. I don’t know of anyone else who would have volunteered that kind of assistance. After we moved in if we had any concerns, you were quick to address and resolve them. That means a lot to us after having made such a big investment. To this day, if we have a question or need advice you guys are kind to help us out.

So again, thank you. We would be happy to recommend Baxter Construction to our closest friends and family.”

Randy and Melissa DeSpain